Guaranteed No Medical Exam Life Insurance Barrie

Why Would I Consider No Medical Life Insurance?

You have been turned down before
You are hard to insure
You smoke
You are overweight
You do not want to go through a medical exam

Is No Medical Life Insurance My Only Option?

No. We will at your request examine alternatives such as preliminary underwriting enquiries sent directly to the life insurance companies underwriter.

This insurance requires no medical exams or needles, and no medical report. Just answer a few simple questions.

We will work on your behalf in strictest confidence. No identifying personal information will be released, such as your name. The more accurate picture of your health we can provide for the insurance company, often allows them to underwrite and insure people who might have considered themselves uninsurable.

Ready to speak with an adviser, get a quote or simply need someone to answer a question?

Contact Us and a licensed life agent serving Barrie will take time to ensure you clearly understand all your options.

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Insurance Glossary

Annuity: A contract that provides income payments at regular (typically monthly) intervals, usually for a specified period or for the lifetime of the annuitant. Income payments may begin right away or be postponed to some future date.

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